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Welcome to Grinderscape

Start your journey today! From our detailed sklling to our perfect combat system that matches the smallest details you can imagine. OSRS trading allowed, staking, and active gambling zone with 5 different modes including Blackjack!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Major performance rework for the instance system which caused the server to slow down.

- Fixed wrong amounts of Pimpz santa hat in the voting store exchange.

- Fixed a bug with clue task showing negative values of your clue value.

- Added gilded rubber chicken to the Gilded mystery box.

- Fixes a few typos with the Weapon Minigame, and changed the kill counter from 10 to 25.

- Iron Man game modes are now able to play Weapon Minigame and the Battle Royale.

- You can no longer pick up your cannon if you do not have enough inventory slots required.

- Lots of rework on items on death mechanics so that imbued items are now no longer imbued upon death drop.

- Improved the entering QOL mechanics of Cerberus and Jungle demon.

- Skull sceptre now telepo


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed the Colorful max hood being lost on death, now it will break just like the cape.

- You can no longer use protect prayers in the Weapon Minigame.

- Iron Man game modes now gets 70% reduced experience instead of the past 30% reduced experience as requested.

- You can no longer use ::bank command in the Public Minigame lobby in Edgeville.

- Fixed Amulet of glory teleporatation issue above level 30 in The Wilderness.

- Fixed a bug where barrows items would not drop upon death or in The Wilderness.

- Fixed a bug where some Kurasks where not vulnerable to leaf weapons in Slayer.

- Fixed a bug with Blast furnace where the conveyor belt stops moving when its fully loaded.

- Fixed Warriors guild Animated armour duping armour pieces when leaving regions.

- Minor bug fi


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug causing NPC's to sometimes become invisible in the Slayer tower and some other locations.

- Fixed an issue with Blast furnace causing the conveyor belt to stop moving after adding many ores.

- Fixed a bug causing the server to crash after being online for many days, including general lagg.

- Significant improvement on the server performance grade work which should make everything smoother.

- Fixed dropping hunter traps on the ground and scanning for overlapping objects.

- Fixed Alchemical hydra death drops and added automatic respawning for the instance.

- Mysterious man event will not happen in any instance including the fight caves.

- Fixed an issue with Duel arena where sometimes you spawn in the offset and cannot move.

- Fixed issue with t

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