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Welcome to Grinderscape

Start your journey today! From our detailed sklling to our perfect combat system that matches the smallest details you can imagine. OSRS trading allowed, staking, and active gambling zone with 5 different modes including Blackjack!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed King black dragon over powered hits even while wearing proper protection.

- Kree'arra hits optimized properly to use Melee, Ranged, and Magic hits.

- Fixed a bug with cannon where your cannon hits are not registered and no drops show when killing NPC's.

- Fixed a bug with Fishing where it does not reduce your bait count.

- Magic on Item spells now consumes runes properly.

- Fixed stacking with transformable items.

- Fixed a bug causing players to lose their level up rewards while inside a minigame.

- Fixed Agility tight rope causing players to freeze for two seconds.

- Fixed a bug causing players to disconnect when using the Magic Secateurs.

- You can no longer consume edibles while transformed.

- Fixed a bug Double Agent dies,


Bugs and Fixes:

- A bug that caused attributable items to multiply and dupe.

- Massive fixes with attributable items and item container system.

- Fixed deposit bank functions for fixed amounts (bank 5, 10..etc)

- Updated Fishing & Consumables store.

- Removed Angler fishes to be bought by Blood money.

- Store prices updates for common items.

- Fixed hunter traps not disappearing.

- Fixed a few clue scrolls that were reported by players.

- Fixed KQ bug in the second form including wrong stats and hitpoints.

- Tweaked and updated Vorkath's methods that fixes a safespot.

- Fixed a bug causing Commander Zilyana to stop attacking in some cases.

- Fixed wealth clue bug causing it to delete all the scrolls instead of just one.

- Fix


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed Dragon hunter crossbow special attack causing a disconnection.

- Restored Eternal glory amulet boosted stats.

- Fixed a bug where some items were untradeable, now they can be traded again.

- The Battle Royale minigame items will now despawn once the game starts.

- Fixed an issue with the skeleton hellhounds instance and tweaked the instance system.

- Kodai wand now gives unlimited water runes like on OSRS.

- Home teleport will now work faster as requested by the community.
Note: You cannot teleport while in combat, so consider using teletabs instead.

- Fixed a bug where void is not giving boosted accuracy in melee combat styles.

- Re-added aggressivity potions into the Mini blood store.

- Tweaked and fixed some bugs with Jungle demon

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